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Winter Park Power Lunch: Passionately Pursuing You

  • 12 Apr 2017
  • 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
  • Tibby's: Aloma Shopping Center, 2203 Aloma Ave, Winter Park
  • 30


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"What about you is special? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself that question? When was the last time you lit a match and set yourself on fire versus waiting for someone else to tell you that you were dynamite?

Join us for our April Power Lunch at Tibby's New Orleans Kitchen in Winter Park with featured speaker Stephanie Outten shares how to Passionately Pursue YOU. 

Stephanie Outten is a dynamic author, speaker, and transformation coach.  The Creatress of Cocoon to Wings Publishing and Coaching, her platform is centered on JOY - something that didn’t come easily for her.  Gang attacked at 12, she struggled with lack of self-worth and low self-esteem into adulthood.  By 36, never addressing the root of her feelings of unworthiness, she got married believing “he” could fill the gaping void in her life.  That lie followed her through age 41 when infertility plagued her, obliterated her womanhood, and contributed to the demise of her marriage. She spent two years prostrate before God seeking His face, and through her storm she birthed her first baby, her novel, “Is This the Way to Joy?”  Along her journey she helps other women re-write their pain story to turn it into their POWER story so that their JOYcup always overflows.

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